Splat Attack

Low-velocity paintball with unlimted ammo!


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So you’re sick and tired of the water guns?

Wanting something with a little more oomph but not ready for the pain in paintball? Splat attack is for you.

Splat attack is paintball with low-velocity guns which fire rounds that simply splat on impact and do not cause a lot of pain. This is a fairly new form of paintball that is taking the UK and Ireland by storm!

The simple pump action markers fire a small low impact ball providing a pain free alternative for the more sensitive action junkie!

We provide overalls on site but we advise players to wear old shoes and clothes and bring a change of clothes, socks and shoes for after the days gaming.

Splat attack has a minimum age of 8 and can cater for groups from sizes of 8 to 80.



  • 2 hours – £20.00
  • 3 hours – £30.00