Public Airsoft

Lock and load, The Jungle is waiting to test your metal across its massive multi-terrain arenas every Sunday. 

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Our massive multi terrain outdoor arena comes well equipped with a fast moving and action packed layout.

Venue and gameplay

The venue comes with 3 different distinctive terrain zones – the valley forest, the hilltop, and the jungle (see pictures on right). These zones will test your combat ability over a massive selection of game modes and team based missions such as “Bank Heist”, “Hostage Breach” , “Hacked” marshalled by top notch marshals with a passion for combat and airsoft. Take to the trenches, attack the church, hold the outpost, lay an ambush in the valley and loads more!

Whether you’re a walk on veteran or new to the sport and plan on renting kit from us, we promise you will have a blast and meet a whole new host of people sharing banter and passion for the fairly new sport. You will be well challenged no matter how much experience you have in a combat situation, in particularly in the dark depths of the forest where aim and speed is the key to success.

Game Times/Days

We will host an open airsoft game every Sunday with large crowds showing up to play the majority of the time, so be ready for plenty of fire. We will be having a range of skirmishes, millsims, away days and all sorts of other themed events which we will share with you on our social media pages.


  • Rentals (includes 1 bag of bbs)
    • Half day (11-1.30pm) – £30
    • Full day (11- 4pm) – £40
  • Walk ons (those who have their own kit)
    • Half day (11-1.30pm) – £15
    • Full day (11- 4pm) – £20

Never heard of Airsoft?

“Airsoft is a military simulation sport where players participate in mock combat with authentic military-style weapons and tactics. Unlike paintball, airsoft uses 6mm round BBs made of hard plastic. The guns used are full scale replicas of real world weapons. They also shoot a lower velocity than gas or AEG guns.” – VIPAirsoft.Net.

Safety is our number one priority at The Mill and we will ensure all participants are provided with the necessary gear for protection and are well briefed in our pre-game safety talks. All players must also abide by the site rules so that everyone can enjoy themselves equally and go home without any injuries